Geelong Holistic Health was established in 2015 with the aim of creating a health and wellness space that is accessible and welcoming to everyone. Our team of holistically minded practitioners come from a variety of different backgrounds and health professions so you are sure to find someone who suits your needs.



Faye is an experienced Osteopath with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of health. Her further training in Biodynamic Cranial and Paediatric Osteopathy has resulted in Faye becoming a highly sought after practitioner for babies and children. She has gained valuable experience working overseas and interstate and currently practices in Geelong and Ocean Grove.

Faye Kendall

Osteopath, Holistic Osteopathy

Tanja has many years of osteopathic experience both in Australia and overseas. She has completed further training in Cranial Osteopathy, Visceral Osteopathy and Obstetric Osteopathy and is passionate about treating pregnancy related complaints, postpartum care and children of all ages. Tanja treats using a wide variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, stretching, gentle joint mobilisations and cranial osteopathy.

Tanja McKenzie

Osteopath, Holistic Osteopathy

James’ love for Osteopathy and all things health related is apparent the moment you meet him. He’s completed further training in cranial osteopathy and has a special interest in treating babies and children, pregnant women, and patients with chronic or complex health concerns. Jame’s believes that keeping your body moving in many different ways is an important part of keeping healthy and from time to time he will run movement classes and information sessions to encourage others to do the same.

James Gillard

Osteopath, Holistic Osteopathy

Dan is a skilled Remedial Massage Therapist who is focused on treating the causes of pain and dysfunction. He is certified in the Neil Asher Technique for the treatment of frozen shoulder and is passionate in working with this condition and other shoulder and hip related conditions. With an interest in sports related dysfunctions, Dans work with the 2014 Commonwealth Games Athletics team provided him with another level of experience and skills.

Dan Smith

Remedial Massage, Healix Wellness

John is a talented Remedial Massage practitioner and Bowen Therapist. He loves to make people feel better and is determined to find the cause of the problem as opposed to treating just the symptoms. John’s skillset enables him to treat patients of all ages and many different conditions. He has a particular interest in treating TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain), hormonal imbalances, neck pain, headaches and lymphatic congestion.

John O'Connor

Remedial Massage & Bowen, Holistic Osteoapthy

Kate is warm, caring and experienced Acupuncturist. She practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Acupuncture for Fertility and IVF, Qigong and Chinese Dietary Therapy in Geelong and Torquay. Kate likes to help patients take control of their health and wellbeing by using a variety of different approaches to gently balance the body, mind and spirit.

Kate Heagney

Acupuncturist, Kate Heagney Acupuncture

Ruth has been involved with spirituality from a very young age. She has many years experience in offering chakra and crystal healings. Ruth is also a spiritual teacher who helps clients connect with their higher selves. She is highly sought after for her unique skills and abilities both in Geelong and further afield with many of her clients travelling from Melbourne to come and see her.

Ruth Trigger

Universal Healer, Talk With Your Angels

Karen studied Reflexology and Auriculotherapy with a grounding in TCM at the WIFI in Linz Austria, and Sound Therapy at the Singende Krankenhauser (Singing Hospitals Association) in Germany. She is very experienced in Women’s Health Issues, with a special interest in the Menopausal and Pregnant Woman. Having gone through both of these ‘landmarks’ herself, Karen offers a fully sympathetic treatment to women who are looking for support during these changing and sometimes stressful periods of life.

Karen Robertson

Reflexologist & Sound Therapist, Footnotes Reflexology & Sound Therapy


2A Roxby St, Manifold Heights, 3218

(Rear of 141 Shannon Avenue)

Geelong Holistic Health

Our central location allows for easy access from all areas of Greater Geelong and the surrounding communities on the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsular and Golden Plains.


Room Hire

Would you like to be a part of the team at Geelong Holistic Health?  


Consultation Room Rental 

Consultation rooms are available for ongoing rental on either a full day ($90 + GST) or half day ($60 + GST).

Utilities, internet, phone, website and social media listings are all included in the room price.

All rooms have access to either an electric or portable treatment table.

Casual Room Rental

There is also limited availability for room rental on a casual basis. Casual room rental is suitable for those looking to hold small workshops or events such as mediation groups, cooking demonstrations, informational talks and those practitioners looking for a space to work from on a one off, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Casual room rental is only available on Saturday afternoon (after 1.30pm), Sunday and some evenings throughout the week.

Casual room hire rates are $60 + GST for 3 hours (minimum booking of 3 hours) and $15 + GST for every subsequent hour.

Promotion of your event or session on our webpage and social media is included in the casual room rental rate.


All consultants working at Geelong Holistic Health are required to have their own Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.  

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Fee Schedule

Holistic Osteopathy (Osteopathy)

Standard rates (16+ years)

Initial Osteopathic Consultation – $95

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation – $85

Babies & Children (0-16 years)

Initial Osteopathic Consultation – $90

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation – $85

Concession rates (low income/pension card)

Initial Osteopathic Consultation –  $85

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation – $75


Please allow 45-60 minutes for initial consultations with adults and 30 minutes for initial consultations with babies and children. Subsequent appointments are approximately 30 minutes for all ages.

Kate Heagney Acupuncture

Standard rates

Initial Acupuncture Consultation – $85

Subsequent Acupuncture Consultation – $80

Concession rates (low income/pension card)

Initial Acupuncture Consultation – $85

Subsequent Acupuncture Consultation – $80


Please allow 60 minutes for initial consultations and 45 minutes for return consultations.

Footnotes Reflexology & Sound Therapy

Please contact 0402 350 516

Holistic Osteopathy (Massage & Bowen Therapy)

Standard rates (all ages)

Initial Remedial Massage/Bowen Therapy – $90

Subsequent Remedial Massage/Bowen Therapy – $80

Concession rates (low income/pension card)

Initial Remedial Massage/Bowen Therapy – $90

Subsequent Remedial Massage/Bowen Therapy – $80


Please allow 90 minutes for initial consultations and 60 minutes for subsequent appointments.

Healix Wellness (Massage)

Please contact 0421 609 875

Talk With Your Angels (Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healings, Mediumship Readings)

Please contact 0417 169 326

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