Well, like all things funny there’s also a very serious side to them:
Since thousands of years people have known that feet and health are synonymous. You know that when your feet are ‘killing you’, your whole body feels the strain. Those with diabetes will realize the importance of keeping a check on the health of their feet. And a reflexologist knows that every part of your body is mirrored on your feet, and any problems or sickness in the body are reflected in them. Now that really is​ serious.

So what exactly is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the technique of pressing points or areas on the feet or ears that correlate to specific organs, systems and areas in the body. This acupressure technique stimulates the body to function at an improved level……. That’s the textbook answer that I learnt when I studied this ancient art of healing. But I was to find out that reflexology is more than that. Reflexology reaches the body, the mind and the spirit, and elicits responses in the person receiving the treatment, that may be very surprising. It encourages the body to HEAL ITSELF.
I would point out here that Reflexology should never be used as a replacement for allopathic medicine, but rather as a complementary therapy to enhance and support any medical treatment that you may already be undergoing.
Having also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I incorporate this holistic approach to health in my reflexology sessions. You will find that I use essential oils, draw on my knowledge of the Meridians of Chinese Medicine, and also use my studies in sound therapy to give you a complete treatment.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Improved circulation; a great de-stresser and detoxifier; hormone balancing; brings the body/mind/spirit into harmony; supports the body after chemotherapy treatment; can help in the relief of headaches and/or migraines; improves clarity of mind; energises… just as an example!!
I’m looking forward to becoming part of the team at Geelong Holistic Health and sharing my passion for, and fascination with, this particular natural therapy……. and of course, to meeting you and your feet/ears…… and NO, it won’t​ tickle.

Karen Robertson

Footnotes Reflexology & Sound Therapy

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